Top 7 Gifts to Give a 7 Year Old Girl

Pet RockDo you remember turning seven? I don't. Not that it's been too long or anything!

My snaggle-toothed, freckle-faced, darling little girl is seven today. She is the huggingest little doll. She climbs trees. She reads. She paints. She is full of faith and wonder. She plays soccer. She is a tomboy. With a bow on top. She is mine all mine. My favorite toy ever (alongside her handsome brothers, of course!) Her friends and family did her right this year with some of the most precious and thoughtful gifts.

Here is a list of good gifts for good girls like her, in case you are headed to a party and don't know what will tickle her pink.

PET ROCK  But not just any pet rock! A decorating kit complete with paint, eyes, string, and jewels. We already made a ladybug, a frog and, of course, a pet rock mini-me. Her younger little BFF came across the street to sit on the back patio and play pet rock with her and it's certainly a kit that's a hit!

SOCCER BALL  But not just any soccer ball! Turn off the lights. Play in the dark. It glows!

BIBLE  And I know when it comes to spiritual messages of faith and hope and love, the good news is all that really matters. But this Bible sports some bling! If you are unsure of the faith of a little one, it's ok. Get her any book you feel is appropriate for her with some pretty on the cover. You can say all day long, "Don't judge a book by its cover," but when it comes to a little girl's special occasion... get a good book with a good cover. At that age, they are just starting to appreciate reading. Especially from atop a tree branch.

LATCH HOOK KIT  Our twin friends had it at their house. Mine went to play with it. So here our twin friends came to the party with a latch hook kit for mine. Sure fire way to keep her in a seat for a while.

HAND WRITTEN CARD  Little girl read and re-read her cards today. She doesn't know where the money is from inside the card or how she will spend that yet, but she likes her friends' artwork and sweet, sincere messages to her written on the cards. I got in trouble when I attempted to clean up after the party. If any of them landed in the trash with the tissue paper, I will not admit it. I definitely would not be nominated for mom of the year, no matter how many cupcakes I baked.

TEA SET  But not just any tea set. This tea set gifted in a box. White. But included paint to make your very own fine dinnerware creation. Brooke wrote on her teapot "Tea or Sweet," Then painted over it and re-painted what she really meant to say, "Sweet or Unsweet?"

CLOTHES If you know a child's style, size and you know a girl at all, you know you can't go wrong with clothes. Bows. Shoes.... Did I really need to say that?

Hope the little list sparks some ideas if you're ever feeling lost in the little girl birthday present aisle. Now I'm going back to playing house. Or selling one!

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